How to light a spark for a relationship while on the road

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Every relationship has a flickering moment. ‘An on and off’ sequence of sorts. For the traveling couple exploring the world, there can come a time when your relationship “spark” loses some of its brightness.

Exploring new cultures and racing around the world can push it to the wayside, or it could end up in a rut. Travelers have found that their relationship becomes boring and mundane during travel. There will be a need to light flames and keep the spark yonder. 

In this article, Caroline Ariba explores adventurous couple from Australia, Elise and Anthony focusing on 6 ways to keep a relationship interesting whilst on the road. 

1. The Date Night

Granted it sounds corny, but going out on an actual date can do wonders for a relationship. Despite the general notion about travel, it can get monotonous. Sightseeing, eating cheap meals, or cooking your own food day in day out gets boring. Making time for a special night, therefore, can be something to look forward to.

“Elise and I plan a date night every two weeks. We spend a little extra money, go to a nice restaurant, and dress up as best we can. We spend that night not talking about our website or what we did that day but rather talking with one another, putting our dream caps on, and playing the “what if” game,” Ant says. 

At that time, couples can chat about dreams and plans. It is believed that Date nights held anywhere can give one the opportunity to listen and reconnect with one another outside the traveling experience.

2. Be Spontaneous

The unpredictability factor in a relationship can be a charmer. Traveling as a couple will take a toll on each of you, but spontaneity will whip it back on track. “Elise likes our travels to be somewhat planned, and I try and mix things up and be spontaneous, which keeps her thinking because she doesn‘t know what I have planned next,” Ant says. “Act on a whim.”

It helps to do activities you hadn’t considered before. Try some romantic activities like booking a massage together, or try something more fun and unconventional when traveling, such as seeing a movie or going bowling. Who said traveling always has to be about sightseeing? Go out and do the normal stuff too, make it a home experience on the road. 

3. Celebrate

Revel, will you? Yes, even whilst traveling, celebrating birthdays and anniversaries is important to any relationship. It doesn’t matter if you‘re in the middle of nowhere, get creative, it will always make your partner happy. 

“Once, when we were camping, it was Elise’s birthday and we were far from any nice restaurants. So, the morning of her birthday, I woke up early to blow up 23 balloons and then gently placed them throughout our tent,” Ant recalls. “I woke her up to an out-of-tune singing birthday candle and a dry piece of cake I found at a corner store the day before. She was delighted that I had gone to the trouble of making her birthday a little special even though we were camping.” Seek out a deserted beach and spend the rest of the day there. It will make for the best birthday ever.

4. Be Thoughtful

Whip out the excitement in the form of treats. It can’t be hard, can it? Even though you‘re traveling on a limited budget, no one said it should be dull. 

“Elise knows that I‘m a sucker for dark chocolate, and I always get excited when she‘s been out to run some errands and jumps on the bed with both hands behind her back when she gets home,” Ant says. “I love that she thinks of me while she‘s out. It brings joy to our relationship.” It is the small gestures that matter; try to surprise each other with things each other likes, as often as possible. 

5. Face Your Fears Together

Is there a thing you both fear? Then that is exactly where you should start. Doing activities that one or both of you have a phobia for can bring you closer. Sharing a fear and overcoming it together will definitely bring the spark back along with a sense of achievement for you both.

A couple exploring a canopy walk together in South Africa

“Elise has a small fear of heights, and she has regularly pushed herself to confront this fear over the past 18 months. She has jumped out of planes and off cliffs into fast-flowing rivers. Each time she faces this fear I get so proud of her and it deepens my love for her,” Ant offers. 

It is more about supporting your partner and giving them the encouragement they need to face their fears or overcoming them together is an instant bonding moment shared between the two of you and only strengthens your relationship.

6. Intimacy

Let’s talk about sex, shall we? Note without hesitation that sex is an important part of every relationship. Travel shouldn’t impair that, not at all! In fact, it should make it better. See, when you’re not having any, you‘re bound to be fighting more. Traveling in an unhygienic environment and staying in shared accommodation can be a dampener to sexual relations. 

Find time for intimacy in your travel and plan for it in the thick of your budget. You don’t have to be an expert to know that finding time for a romp when there are train schedules to work out, long and sweaty bus rides to take, or a day battling annoying touts can be difficult. 

Why not explore the possibilities of private rooms? If money is the problem, could find some budget rooms that are decent enough? Spending a little extra money from time to time and staying in a private room is the best way to find some alone time. But also, try out intimacy in the wild, which can be something else. 

Sharing is Caring

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